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Refrigerators are unquestionably one of the most used and significant appliances in a household or business. Its primary purpose is to keep food at the correct cooling temperature to last for more extended periods. That is why keeping your Viking appliances like the Viking refrigerator in prime condition is of the utmost importance to keep foods fresh and fit for consumption for days or weeks. But unfortunately, even with how careful you are with your valuable Viking appliances, they eventually exhibit some wear and tear in the long run. Therefore, having a company in mind is beneficial so that you have nothing to worry about anything else when one of your appliances fails.


At Seattle Viking Repair, we are here to help our customers every step of the way, especially if they are here for Viking refrigerator repair in Seattle, WA. Our team of technicians also caters to Viking wine coolers, so when you have some problems with it, let us know! We are open 24 hours and seven days a week to provide customer assistance, bringing all the necessary solutions that our customers require. So if you have some problems that need to be addressed right away, please do not hesitate to call our team of professionals today!

Our Team Brings:

  • Years of specialized experience
  • State of the art tools and equipment
  • Proper certifications and licenses
  • Superior solutions
  • Detailed and excellent service guidelines
  • And so much more to mention


So if you are out here in Seattle, WA, trying to get the most reputable and trusted Viking appliance repair experts, Seattle Viking Repair has got a great team of technicians that can always work for you.

Viking Refrigerator Repair Near Me

If you are looking for a company that offers the best Viking fridge repairs and for the Viking wine coolers, consider hiring Seattle Viking Repair today! Our team of technicians is your reliable option for just any Viking appliance repair services you’d like, whether it’s a small job or a complicated one. When you work with us, you know that everything gets handled, and it means getting your faulty Viking appliance back on track. So if you are here because you want the best Viking appliance repair services, particularly the Viking refrigerator repair in Seattle, WA, then you have come to the right place!


Our mission is to bring back just any faulty appliance to its regular function, giving you the benefits of saving time and money all at the same time. With our superiority and an excellent background in appliance restoration, we are confident that we can consistently deliver our customers whatever services they desire. Whether they are here to get their Viking fridge fixed, installed, or maintained, our technicians are always up to take care of it. So whenever you need a company that can immediately help and a company that you can rely on for affordable charges and top-class services, then Seattle Viking Repair is the best company near you.